Convert your slides or negatives
into digital images or photos.

Let us bridge the digital divide between your new photos and your old photos.

We can take your old slides and negatives and convert them into digital images
just like the ones that come out of your digital camera.

With advanced scanning techniques, image enhancement, and color restoration,
your old photos can look like they were just taken.

In addition to delivering your photos to you on disk, we will make them available
to you here online so you can order prints, DVD slideshows, or any other product
that you would normally enjoy with current day digital images.

Pricing is flexible at $19.95 + scanning (see chart below),
plus $5.00 shipping and handling, which covers the mailing of completed
disk and the return of the original materials (larger items extra).

There are two general types of scanning:

Original Size - Where we scan the images at their original size and the scanned image can be
reproduced or printed the same size as the original, and in many cases 1 or two steps larger.

Enlarged - Where we scan the images at 3x their original size** and the scanned image can be reproduced
or printed the same size and larger than the original. 
This also gives you the ability to crop a scanned image without making it too small to print.
This is a magnification factor done in the scanned and will not pixilate your images.
** Wallets are scanned to 4x original size - ** Slides and Negatives are scanned to 9X original size

Type of scan Per Image Price
Std. Snapshots 3x5, 4x6, 5x7, 8x10
Original size, uncropped, unretouched
Std. Polaroid Prints (any size)
Original size, uncropped, unretouched
Std. Snapshots 3x5, 4x6, 5x7, 8x10
Original Size, cropped, retouched
Std. Polaroid Prints (any size)
Original size, cropped, retouched
Std. Snapshots - Any size up to 8x10
Enlarged, cropped, retouched
Std. Polaroid Prints (any size)
Enlarged, cropped, retouched
Slides or Negatives
Enlarged, cropped, retouched
Framed Photos and Prints larger than 8x10
Cropped and retouched

Some important info you need to know:

All images are delivered to you on a DVD disk in JPG format.

Framed Photos - If you have a photo in a frame that has stuck to the glass DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE IT. 
The photo could be destroyed!  Just bring it to us still in the frame and we can handle it.

Slides - Unless there are words or something obvious in the photo, we have no way of knowing if a slide is inverted
or not. We suggest you mark the slides appropriately and we will tell you how to do that.

Negatives - We cannot scan Advantix or rolled type negatives. The scanner can only scan standard cut strips and
will automatically the entire strip.  If your strip has 5 photos per strip for example, you will be charged for all 5 photos.
The exception to this is if you have very old large format negatives that are individually cut.

Cropped Vs. Uncropped - Uncropped images may have some white border or spacing around them that you can
remove by cropping them yourself in Picasa. Not all prints are exactly the size they should be.

Retouched Vs. Unretouched - Retouching includes basis color and light balancing.  Sometimes older photos are faded
and retouching can bring back some of the original color and brightness.  Likewise, older black and white photos can be
retouched to enhance their brightness and contrast to make the images more vivid.  Retouching will not remove dust,
scratches, or other damage to photos.