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I'm sure by now you've noticed that when you print photos they never look quite the same as they do on your screen, or even the same from printer to printer.

The above image is color correct and should look correct on your screen and on your printer.  If it is not, then some calibration might be in order.

This image is in 5x7 format and needs to be printed as such, or centered on 8x10 paper.

The squares in the corner will let you know if the entire image was printed.  Look for clipping on the squares.

The two larger rectangles are to test for ghosting.  The edges on the inside and outside should be crisp and clean.

The zone scale will help you determine the quality of the printer's ability to print true black and white.  There should be no color tinting anywhere along the scale.

The small gaps between the colors will help you check the printer head alignment, as well as ink density (on inkjet based printers).  There should be a clean and crisp gap with no bleeding.

I recommend downloading the image and having it printed at your retail printer of choice and see how they measure up.  If you use several online or local printing companies, try them all and compare the results.   Remember to have the image printed as a 5x7, and not a 4x6 or 8x10.