We understand how important your wedding day is to you. Our goal is to photo document your day from start to finish while at the same time remaining as non intrusive to your activities as possible. In addition to the traditional poses you will want for your albums and prints, we also specialize in capturing candid and spontaneous moments that truly capture the fun and festive atmosphere that your day deserves.

More importantly we never forget that we are working for YOU...  We will shoot whatever you want, whenever you want.

"You Call the Shots"... 

bulletConvenient online ordering of prints for your friends and family. (Sample)
bulletProfessional Grade Nikon Cameras, Lenses, and lighting - shooting at 10+ Megapixels.
bulletHighest Quality Prints available in 4x6, 5x7, or 8x10 format.
bulletLowest Cost Per Print.  Pricing starting at only 99 cents each.
bulletMixing and matching quantities and sizes are no problem.
bulletColor, Black and White, Sepia, or "Glamour" prints available.
bulletFast Turn-Around.  Your photos will be ready to view and order by the time
you get back from your honeymoon!

Interest Free Financing and Payments Available for all Wedding Packages


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Silver Package
Bronze Package
Booking Your Wedding

When shopping for a photographer be sure to find out a few things:
bulletDo they shoot in RAW or JPEG? 
One of the reasons professional photos look so amazing is because they were shot in uncompressed RAW format and not JPEG.  ALL true professionals do this. Your wedding memories deserve only the best and RAW is so much better than JPEG that I would even say that if the photographer you are considering does not shoot in RAW, then go on to the next one.
Click Here for more info and examples of what this means...

bulletDon't be misled by the price - you get what you pay for!
Find out what is included in the package and how much they charge for prints.
Many inexpensive wedding packages have high hidden print costs. For example, SnapFish, a division of Hewlett Packard (HP), charges less than a dollar for 5x7 prints.  No matter what photographer you use, the quality of the prints WILL NOT be higher quality, so why pay $5-10 per print?

For Example - if the package is $1250 and you pay $1 each for 200 prints, you will spend $1450 total.
But - if you get lured into a $750 package and then pay $5 each for the same 200 prints, you'll end up spending $1750.  So be sure to do your homework.
bulletMost Importantly - Make sure you love the photos they have taken for other couples!  If photos of other couples don't have that "wow" factor, chances are your photos won't either.

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